About Us

Larton Livery was Established in 1975 when William Titley bought his first plot of land, initially to build his family a home with lovely surroundings. Not long after he built his first few stables and started growing his own hay and straw.

In a short space of time the business went from strength to strength. Now it has evolved in to a multi functional site that provides something for everyone, from Pet Food Superstore, Kennels/Cattery, Horse Riding School, Caravan Storage, Coarse Fishing, Dog Groomer, Tack Shop even a café and much more.

About Larton LiveryLivery in Frankby, Wirral

We believe at Larton in trying to create a friendly and safe environment for all the family, whether its shopping for you and your pet, horse livery, riding lessons or even getting a bite to eat in the NoseBag Café.